Wheelchair Accessible Wet Room
Garage Conversion

Uckfield, East Sussex

Wet Room - WR Extension

Our client was in need of a wheelchair accessible wet room for her daughter as they are unable to access the bathroom in the main house. The brief was to convert the existing garage into an easily accessible extension, with a combination of wet room and space for a utility area, all ensuring enough room for her wheelchair and ease of use.

Creating room in the previously small garage space, while ensuring the wet room was large enough to accommodate their needs, we installed extra width doors with level thresholds, and an access ramp to the new conversion. Externally we carried out new brick and block work to match the property, with new external wide door and window to the wet room.  


Inside, the utility room was placed at the end of the old garage, to allow for easy access from the back of the property. Throughout, the floor is covered in non-slip, hard-wearing flooring. The wet room takes up the larger part of the conversion and is also accessible through an internal door from the kitchen.

The wet room itself was levelled to ensure for drainage, and features a large rain shower head and a disabled seat, with beautiful Mediterranean style non-slip tiles and backsplash.  The room feels light and airy and with plenty of space for turning in and out. The toilet, sink and handrails are placed with access and hygiene in mind.


We're very happy with this great functional space, along with our very happy client. If you have a similar project in mind, contact us to discuss your needs.